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Frame TV Mounting in Above Fireplace

Empty House to Tech-y Home

Our client was moving into a new home and needed a complete technology package to use and enjoy their home as soon as possible. All this work was completed in less than 3 weeks, reducing the move-in stress on our client and their family.

Golf Simulator for the Team

Sometimes, you need to take a break from work. Why not jump into your brand new golf simulator? That was our client's idea when they first came to us: install a custom golf simulator in a purpose-built room so that the employees in their large office can enjoy some relaxing time away from work without going to the course.

Custom Golf Simulator
Pre-Wire for Home or Business

King Street Pre-Wire

For this project on King Street in downtown Charleston, the client urgently needed our help. Their low-voltage vendor dropped out at the last minute, and the shoe store they were building needed to stay on schedule. Luckily, we were available to help out.

Two Houses, One Happy Client

Our client had a primary residence and lake house that both needed a solid technology upgrade. Ultimately, the client’s savings from their cable bill eventually will pay for all these changes they made, which is a perfect ending to this project!

Custom Home Office, Dual Monitors
Custom 5.1 Home Theater

5.1 Home Theater

After moving into their new home, our client knew they wanted to do a media room / theater in their house. The challenge was simple: the house was already built! The client also knew they didn't want any giant tower speakers - they wanted the room to look clean and crisp after the installation. We said "no problem".

Custom Double Home Office

These two Instagram-worthy home workspaces were custom designed, built, and set up by the team at Elevate. With a Japanese-inspired design, each stunning office space was meticulously designed to match the style and productivity of the users.

Custom Home Office, Triple Monitors

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