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The Ultimate Perk

Working hard or hardly working?

Sometimes, you need to take a break from work. Why not jump into your brand new golf simulator? That was our client's idea when they first came to us: install a custom golf simulator in a purpose-built room so that the employees in their large office can enjoy some relaxing time away from work without going to the course.

We started when the studs were still exposed, which is the perfect time to begin a project like this. We coordinated with the construction team to run HDMI cables and power where necessary. We then created an accurate layout of the entire simulator: everything from the golf mats to the screen to the projector was planned down to the inch. That made installation much easier, allowing us to install the entire simulator in less than 2 days.

The client had some specific requests that we also achieved with this simulator. First, they needed the flexibility to accept right- and left-handed hitters, so we installed a wide, two-person hitting surface that could even accept real wooden tees. Second, they needed to fill the entire room so they didn't waste any space, so we custom cut the framing pieces and mounted heavy curtains so you are immersed in the simulator when you're in there. Finally, they needed to improve the acoustics in the room to not disturb the nearby offices, so we installed a wall of sound-dampening foam which instantly improved the sound. You couldn't even hear them hit a shot!

At the end of the day, the big smile on our client's and their coworkers' faces made this project extremely satisfying. Not to mention a blast to use!

Services provided:

- Mevo+ Golf Simulator with Custom Enclosure

- Sound-Dampening Foam Installation

- Branded Golf Balls

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