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Existing Homes or Businesses

Get the tech you’ve always wanted in the space you already have


"Do No Harm"

With today’s wireless technology, there are more possibilities than ever to add highly reliable systems to your home or business without cutting holes everywhere. With a robust Mesh Wi-Fi system, devices that wirelessly connect to your network, and other unobtrusive solutions, you can enjoy the latest tech in your current space today.

Audio / Video

Gone are the days of needing wires in the ceiling just to enjoy music in every room. With wireless multi-room music like SONOS, Heos, and other systems, you can enjoy high quality audio wherever you are with the simplicity of a smartphone app. We can deliver a room-filling system without breaking the bank, so you get the sound you want for the price you need.


Wi-Fi & Network

The backbone of all of your tech, your network must be rock solid. Wireless Mesh Wi-Fi systems are robust networks that deliver impressive speeds and connectivity with no wires required. We specialize in installing products from Netgear, TP-Link, and other reputable Mesh Wi-Fi manufacturers so that you know you’ll get a system that delivers the speed you pay for.


Wireless Smart Automation

Smart devices of today are designed for the user, not the builder. Wireless smart devices are everywhere these days, but the brands, compatibilities, and terminologies can still complicate what is meant to be a simple system. For homes, we specialize in Google Assistant- and Alexa-based systems that integrate with the devices you already use. For businesses, we can install sleek, modern solutions like wall-mounted tablets, smart conference rooms, and lighting control. We can work closely with you to determine what functions you want and deliver an affordable, effective system without running a single wire.

Customized Technology

For users looking for a more custom and/or advanced solution, we are one of the only companies in the region that can provide unique, highly-customized tech solutions. We have experience with simulators, virtual reality, custom PCs, streaming, and podcasting setups, so you can enjoy a professionally set up space without hours of research online. During the free consultation, we can begin customizing your dream setup to fit into any space in your home or business.


Schedule your free consultation to see how we can elevate your tech today.

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