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WINTER 23-24

Wi-Fi 7 is finally here!

Plus, check out innovations in cameras and music streaming that could benefit you.

1 Block - Tech Update

8K Camera

Tech Update - Subject 1 image

Reolink continues to impress us with their security camera lineup. Just a few weeks ago, they released a 16MP camera (8MP = 4K, so this is double that), with a 180deg field of view, free recording, free smart detection AI, and built-in LED spotlight. All of that for $190 MSRP, which is unbelievable.

To put this in perspective, Ring's top-of-the-line cameras only do 1080p, cost over $200, and require monthly recording fees to work. Still, Ring's camera integration with their security system makes it a viable solution for many of our clients. If you're just looking for surveillance, or are willing to use 2 apps in order to get the better cameras, then we'd definitely go with Reolink.

We've had several projects just in the last few months using Reolink, and their interface, customization, and performance are better than we've ever experienced in our years of installing cameras. They are our #1 recommended camera brand.

Looking for some new cameras? Let us show you how good these cameras are.

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Wiim vs. SONOS

Remote Control for Garage Door

Another SONOS competitor has entered the scene, trying to dethrone the multi-room-music giant. This one, however, has the performance to back it up.

Wiim has released their Wiim Amp, Wiim Pro, and Wiim Pro Plus. These devices directly compete with the SONOS Port and Amp, offering similar functionality and performance at half the cost. Any homeowner with multiple speaker zones knows that the $699 SONOS Amp adds up quickly as you add zones.

Many lower-quality companies try to undercut SONOS, but this time, the audio and tech community has overwhelmingly agreed that Wiim's new products are up to the task. These devices won awards in 2023 for their innovation and price-to-performance ratio.

Now, I wouldn't say that these devices can replace a whole-home SONOS system. SONOS still has the best multi-room music performance on the market. Instead, these devices are perfect for small businesses, since most businesses just need to play background music.

Looking to improve your music setup at your small business? These devices may save you some money, call us and we'll install it for you.

3 Block - Tech Update

Wi-Fi 7

Remote Control for Garage Door

In September of '22, we posted about how Wi-Fi 6E was the latest and greatest for homeowners when it came to wireless connectivity. Here we are, less than 2 years later, and Wi-Fi 7 has officially been released. Not only that, but the big players are already offering Wi-Fi 7 routers and access points. Eero, TP-Link, Netgear, and Linksys all have certified devices.

Like any advancement in Wi-Fi, the question is "When should I upgrade?" This tech is so fresh that I wouldn't rush to swap out your system, especially if you have a Wi-Fi 6 or 6E system. We won't see any tangible benefits for probably 2 years. But, maybe you are using an old Wi-Fi 5 system, building a new home, or investing in the future of your home tech; it may be a great time to look at Wi-Fi 7. TP-Link Deco, our #1 recommended Wi-Fi solution, has the most affordable Wi-Fi 7 system on the market.

We'll keep an eye on this tech for you, so you can make the leap when the time is right. As always, we're available for your tech questions, so call us any time.

Want to learn more? Let’s chat!

Whether you just have a quick question or you have a new project, we’d be happy to help.

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