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WINTER 22-23

Fix your photo and file storage problem with a simple, popular device.

We also dive into smart home and security updates that could change how you use your home

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Running out of storage space for your photos, videos, and/or files? Cloud storage (Google Photos, OneDrive, etc.) is an option, but you'll be looking at quickly-rising monthly costs to maintain that storage. As photos and videos become higher quality, our clients begin to run out of space on their various devices and USB hard drives. Plus, backing up your personal files is something none of us do well enough.

An increasingly popular trend that we love is to add a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) device to your home. The NAS is a toaster-size container of hard drives, allowing you to store millions (yes, millions) of photos and videos. But there's so much more.

With a NAS, you can access your files, photos, videos, movies, and more from anywhere in the world, automatically backup your files on a schedule, and even stream your videos and movies to TVs in your house. Imagine having secure, backed-up, and instantaneous access to those old (but precious!) photos and videos you never want to get rid of, and watching them on your TV in seconds.

Best part? You can have a fully-installed, set up, and functioning 10,000 GB of storage for less than $1,000, with zero monthly fees. We're so excited that these devices have finally become acccessible to homeowners, we'd love to help you install one in your home.

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Ring + ONVIF

Remote Control for Garage Door

As a Ring Authorized Partner, we get the inside information on fantastic Ring products and developments before they hit the shelves. One feature that probably went under everyone's radar is Ring's integration with the ONVIF protocol. Now we won't get into the specifics of how this works, but the end result is that Ring's smart app can now control and view those wired security cameras from hundreds of manufacturers, like Hikvision, Dahua, and more.

But what does this mean for you? It means if you have a wired security camera system, most likely at your business, you can use the Ring app to add professional monitoring, recordings, integration with smart apps, and more even if the camera is not a Ring camera. With Ring's $20/mo complete monitoring solution, you can enjoy a smart surveillance system monitored 24/7 without having to buy ANY new cameras.

Forget those clunky DVR/NVRs that have terrible apps - you can now use Ring's award-winning app to view your cameras, and even expand your camera system with inexpensive wireless cameras.

Interested in transforming your old camera system into a smart one? Call us and we'll evaluate your system for free.

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Your Garage

Remote Control for Garage Door

One of the most popular smart home trends of 2022 was one part of your house that you may not think about: your garage. Almost every new home that we worked on was using a smart garage door opening system. It may sound like a small thing to be able to close your garage door from your phone, but the benefits go way beyond that.

If you leave the house and forget to close the garage door, you can easily pull out your phone and close it remotely. With a smart camera setup, you can even confirm that the door is closed using a live video feed. This could save you from having to call a neighbor or friend to come close it for you, or driving back home just to press a button.

With the exact same setup, you can even have your garage door automatically open when you drive up to your house (or close when you leave). You'd never have to worry about pressing the key fob or replacing batteries - it's all automated based on your location.

The most attractive part is the price. Many new garage door openers come with MyQ (most popular) built-in, or you can also add smart controls to almost any garage door for less than $200 including installation! There are so many options out there it's easy to get confused, so call us today and we'll install the perfect system for you.

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