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FALL 2023

An OLED TV may be in your living room before you know it.

Plus, Wi-Fi bridges and security systems are easier and cheaper than ever before.

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Organic LEDs

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OLED TVs are one of the few that continue to impress me every time I install one. With their ability to turn off pixels, you get perfect black colors with incredible contrast, unbeatable by almost any TV on the market. The recent trend is that manufacturers across many industries are starting to offer OLED screens due to their high popularity. The Nintendo Switch and iPad Pro 2024 are both offered with OLED screens, and Samsung's latest QD-OLED screens are bringing OLED panels into their flagship lineup.

Many home theater enthusiasts are skipping the projector and going to LG's C-series or Sony's A-series OLEDs. The result is a magnificent picture with a familiar installation, connection, and control setup.

Thinking about a TV upgrade or a new audio/video setup for your living room? Call us today and we'll help pick the perfect TV for your space.

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Do It Wirelessly

Remote Control for Garage Door

Looking to get Wi-Fi to a dock or detached building? Online research will probably lead you to digging a trench to bury conduit in the ground. While that's great for a new home, you may not be keen to destroy your backyard just so you can watch TV on the dock. But there's another way.

A system called a point-to-point (PtP) bridge is a way to wirelessly send a signal from one building to another. Many businesses use this technology to connect buildings in a crowded city, placing these satellite-like devices on the roofs of their buildings. But innovations from Unifi and other providers make this affordable and high-bandwidth for homeowners.

We recently installed two of these systems for two different clients, connecting their main home to their dock. One of these clients had a dock that was over 400ft away, and we got Wi-Fi to their dock no problem.

If you've always wanted Wi-Fi in a hard-to-reach place, it takes an expert team from Elevate to design and install a network that works every time.

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Secure It, Cheaply

Remote Control for Garage Door

How expensive do you think a security system is? You may be surprised to learn that a complete, 24/7 monitored security system can protect your home for under $1,000 including installation, at only $20/month.

With wireless sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and built-in battery backup, smart security systems are cheaper and easier to install than any traditional security solution. No wires in your wall, no confusing keypad with a horrible screen, and no more forgetting to arm your system. Control everything from your phone, voice, or control panel, with an intuitive interface.

A typical door sensor only costs $20, a glassbreak sensor only $40, and a keypad is $50. With a well-designed system protecting all external entry points, the system can easily protect an entire home for under $1,000 including installation costs.

Call or email us to see how easy it would be to install a security system in your home or business.

Want to learn more? Let’s chat!

Whether you just have a quick question or you have a new project, we’d be happy to help.

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