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FALL 2022

Tech Update Fall 2022

New affordable SONOS products could be just the boost your home sound needs. Plus, a new update in Wi-Fi technology will be the gold standard for the next few years. Apple just finished their Apple Event 2022, and we break it down.

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Sub Mini

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SONOS, our favorite wireless speaker brand, continues to release innovative products that make their product line unbeatable. Earlier this year, they released the Ray, which is a small soundbar designed for smaller rooms and apartments that don't need the booming sound from the Beam Gen 2 or Arc. At $279 MSRP, it is the cheapest soundbar from SONOS. Still, we love the Beam Gen 2 for it's compact design, HDMI-ARC, and Dolby Atmos for only $449.

However, the biggest news is their release only a few days ago: the SONOS Sub Mini. This is a cylindrical, floor standing subwoofer with similar acoustic design elements as the Sub. The biggest difference here is the price: the new Sub Mini is only $429, which is significantly cheaper than the massive Sub ($749). While we haven't had a chance to test it, we have no doubt that this sub will be a fantastic addition to many of our client's spaces, especially those that need some extra bass but don't need the boom of the Sub.

Interested in a SONOS system? It's easier than you may think, and you'll love it more than you think.

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Wi-Fi 6 & 6E

Remote Control for Garage Door

Is your Wi-Fi outdated? Right now, most homes have Wi-Fi 5, which has been the standard version of Wi-Fi for a while. Over the last year, Wi-Fi 6 became the dominating version in new homes, and this was the version we installed for all of our recent clients. However, there is a new player: Wi-Fi 6E. Think of this like adding more lanes to a highway: the speed limit is still the same, but by adding more lanes, more cars can get to the full speed without backing up with traffic. While it's certainly the best standard of Wi-Fi so far, your Wi-Fi 6 system is still great, because only the newest devices can take advantage of this functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S22 has 6E capability, but the latest iPhones don't have it yet. Still, if you're looking for a new Wi-Fi system in your home, we'd go with at least a Wi-Fi 6 system, or even 6E, to make sure your home is future-proof as devices begin to roll out with this new standard.

Wi-Fi is our #1 most popular service and we'd love to help you set up or upgrade to a speedy Wi-Fi 6 or 6E system.

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Apple Watch Ultra

Remote Control for Garage Door

Apple had their annual release event on September 7th, releasing a ton of new products. Notable releases include the iPhone 14, with Plus and Pro Max models, which is the typical small improvement from the previous iPhone 13 (no price increase, which is a pleasant surprise). However, our biggest takeaway from the event is the Apple Watch Ultra, which is a rugged, extremely durable smart watch that's built to withstand the most challenging outdoor adventures. Apple advertises that you can take the watch scuba diving, rock climbing, and more, which is impressive for a company that's known for delicate products. Other than that, we saw the typical minor improvements for next model year of products, like the Air Pods 2, Apple Watch 8, and Apple Watch SE.

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