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Primary and Vacation Homes

Two Houses, One Happy Client

Our client had a primary residence and lake house that both needed a solid technology upgrade. We started with the primary home, installing a mesh Wi-Fi system, a new desktop computer, and a complete dual-monitor home office. We also improved a few things in the home, such as getting existing surround sound systems working properly and showing our client how to use extra features of their TVs.

For both houses, we helped the client get rid of cable TV and switch to internet-based live TV, saving the client over $3,000/yr between both houses in cable bills. We also installed landscape lighting at both homes without digging any trenches to run wire – all the lights were solar powered and some with smart features.

At the lake house, we started by improving their mesh Wi-Fi system and getting a Wi-Fi signal out to their dock. We then optimized their surround sound systems with SONOS multi-room audio that spread from their living room to their dock. We also installed smart cameras around their dock so they could monitor boats, jet skis, and the lake water level even when they are away.

Ultimately, the client’s savings from their cable bill eventually will pay for all these changes they made, which is a perfect ending to this project!

Services Provided:

- Dual Residence Services

- Cable-Cutting Service

- Mesh Wi-Fi Networks

- Complete Home Office Setup

- Smart Landscape Lighting

- Optimizing Existing Tech Systems

- SONOS Multi-Room Audio

- Getting Wi-Fi to Hard-to-Reach Areas

- Smart Cameras

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