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Structured Wiring, Network Pre-Wiring

Structured Wiring

Complete Home Wiring
Media Racks and Low-Voltage Panels

Service Provider Integrations

We want to be your trusted low voltage partner from day 1 to move-in day and beyond. Our pre-wire layouts are customizable from the ground up, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the right “package” or “tier” of service. Our team is CEDIA CIT certified so you know your home will have a clean, professional pre-wire. After trim out, we set up all your devices so everything is ready for you when you open that door.

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Cable Bundles, Home Pre-Wire

Wide Range of Cables

We install Cat6 (network, control), RG6 (coax), general purpose cables (audio, power), and many more cables in homes to deliver a complete wired home solution. We educate our clients with the pros and cons of each wire run, tailoring our wiring solution to their needs. We terminate, label, and bundle all our cables in accordance with industry best practices.

Cable Management

The best sign of a professional installer is neat, organized, and secure cables throughout the home. We believe cable management is an art that, when done right, relieves stress from the end user. We use Velcro wraps for serviceability, printed labels, and custom faceplates for the cleanest finish.

Cable Management, Low Voltage Wiring
Media Racks, AV integrator

Racks and Panels

We install industry standard low voltage panels in each home we pre-wire, bringing internet and satellite service into the home to a robust container. For the most intricate systems, we provide industrial-grade racks that house all the components to power your system. We can advise the build team on locations, cooling requirements, and power locations.


Partner with Elevate, your local Charleston low voltage contractor.

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