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Smart Home, Google Home, Voice Assistant

Smart Home Automation

Home Automation
Voice-Controlled Audio
Smart Lighting
Thermostats, Displays, and more

With the number of home automation devices out there, it’s easy to get bogged down with the details. We’ll talk through your needs with you and create a system that works exactly the way you expect. Self-closing garage doors, lights that match the sunlight, security that arms itself when you leave; these are all functions that you could have in your home, more easily than you may think. Find out how tech can help make your life easier with a free consultation.

Smart Home: Service
Home Automation, Smart Home

Home Automation

Our approach to home automation is to start small and leave room to expand. We specialize in simple, effective, and affordable systems that can easily grow and update as new technology is developed. Our designs focus on enhancing the capabilities of technology you use every day, like your phone and TV. From simple smart home systems using Google Assistant or Alexa, to intricate home automation systems that gives you that “movie star” home of your dreams, we’ve got you covered.

Voice Control

A central feature of today’s smart homes is the ability to use your voice to control devices in your home. Everything from music to security systems to finding your favorite show can be controlled with your voice. The capabilities are endless: turning off lights, opening your garage door, changing the thermostat, even checking your Wi-Fi speed can all be controlled by just asking Google, Alexa, or Josh. Setting up the system is the most difficult part, especially with all the different compatibilities and choices out there. We can remove the stress of these tough decisions and ensure your voice is the new controller of your smart home.

Google Assistant, Voice Control

Smart Devices

Creating a smart home starts with the first device. We can install devices from any top brand of smart home products, beginning your smart home experience device-by-device. Piece together your smart home by adding smart thermostats, smart locks, displays, speakers, smart garage door openers, and many more devices. We can be your go-to provider for any smart home device you can think of.

Lighting Control

Once you experience smart lighting, it’s hard to get just one set. We love programming smart lights to match the sunlight so that your home lights don’t interrupt your natural wake/sleep cycle, but keep your home well-lit. We also install lights that can wirelessly match the video or audio content, so that your lights provide a dynamic backdrop for the moment. There are so many possibilities for wireless and wired lighting, and it’s easier than you may think!


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