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Triple Monitors, Custom Home Office

Custom Double Home Office

Custom Double Home Office
Double Monitor, Custom Home Office

A Home Office of Dreams

These two Instagram-worthy home workspaces were custom designed, built, and set up by the team at Elevate. With a Japanese-inspired design, each stunning office space was meticulously designed to match the style and productivity of the users. Both workspaces have multiple floating monitors, state-of-the-art keyboards and mice, mousepads that fit the theme, and neatly managed cabling. The spaces feature cushions, chairs, and footrests that provide ergonomic support and comfort throughout the workday. Rounding out the design are smart lights that match the rising and setting of the sun, to ensure protection of the eyes. Such an exciting and fun project!

Services provided:

  • Custom Office Design

  • Floating, Multi-Monitor Systems

  • Keyboards, mice, mousepads, and other peripherals

  • Smart Lighting

  • Ergonomics

  • Cable Management

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