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A Fresh Start

From Empty House to Tech-y Home

From Empty House to Tech-y Home

Our client was moving into a new home and needed a complete technology package to use and enjoy their home as soon as possible. We installed a robust wired home network system within days of their move-in, integrating with the existing pre-wire that had been done on the home. The next priority was installing six (6) TVs around the house, which included an 85” Sony X91J monster TV with 5.1.2 surround sound for their media room. The focal point of the home is a 55” Samsung Frame TV with a back-box that has remote power control, keeping the TV only millimeters from the wall. Rounding out the home is a complete SONOS wireless home audio system and a Ring security and surveillance system with 24/7 professional monitoring. We finished the project by helping our client get rid of cable TV and go to a streaming-only service, saving them almost $1,000/yr in cable bills. All this work was completed in less than 3 weeks, reducing the move-in stress on our client and their family. We enjoyed every bit of this whole-home project!

Services provided:

- Wired Home Network

- Cable-Cutting Service

- TV Procurement and Mounting (x6)

- Samsung Frame TV

- 5.1.2 Surround Sound

- SONOS Whole-Home Audio

- Smart Camera Surveillance

- Smart Security System

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