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Saving the Day

75 Cables Later...

For this project on King Street in downtown Charleston, the client urgently needed our help. Their low-voltage vendor dropped out at the last minute, and the shoe store they were building needed to stay on schedule. Luckily, we were available to help out.

We started by running 42 security cables to the places designated on their construction plans. This was for cameras, keypads, motion sensors, glassbreak sensors, screens, and control panels. We also ran 2 audio cables for the speakers in the shoe store. We then ran an additional 11 Cat5e network cables to various locations around the store for the hard-wired devices they were planning on using. Finally, we ran several low-voltage power cables to power the light strips that showed off the shoes on the shelves. In the end, we ran 75 wires through the store for all the devices.

All these wires terminated into a media rack in the storage room, where we labeled each and every wire we ran, along with leaving a printed "wiring key" layout that showed every wire location in the store.

The ultimate challenge with this project was that most of the site was already complete and closed in, since they were renovating from an old Victoria's Secret location. Almost all of these runs were retrofit runs, which means we had to pull wire through the ceiling by sticking our heads through access holes in the HVAC returns, vents, and other openings. A very challenging project no doubt.

The most rewarding part was coming in after the store opened and seeing all the devices in place, speakers working, and shoes on the shelves. It's always great seeing a project finish in such a successful way!

Services provided:

42 Pre-Wired Security Cables

2 Pre-Wired Audio Cables

11 Pre-Wired Network Cables

20 Pre-Wired Low-Voltage Power Cables

18U Network Rack Mounting

Cable Management

Wire Terminations

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