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High-Performance Smart Home

The client came to us in desperate need of an expert, after their previous tech installer backed out. They had very specific requirements for their lighting, but no one could figure out a way to achieve their goals. Luckily, they found us, and we helped achieve everything they were looking for.

Lighting was easily the largest and most complex part of the project. Nearly every bulb in their home (close to 100) was a Philips Hue Color light. This gave the client the ability to control the color, brightness, and schedule of every single light fixture in their home. To control those lights, every light switch in the home is a Brilliant switch. The Brilliant platform ties many of their smart products into an on-wall interface that performs well and looks amazing. With all this lighting tech, the client can make their entire home lighting (inside and outside) a certain color, theme, or automation.

The client had a few network devices prepared for the house, but we quickly realized that it wasn't going to cut it. Instead we went with a Unifi network from Ubiquiti, using a Unifi Dream Machine, 24-port switch, and 3 Unifi wall-mounted access points. The result was a robust wired and wireless network with a strong Wi-Fi 6 signal throughout the house.

What a fun audio project. The client had purchased a Nakamichi Dragon 11.4.6 surround sound system, which is 1 of 500 made in the world. We set up that system and it blew us away. We then integrated that system with a SONOS system we installed, using a variety of SONOS Amps, SONOS Ports, and speakers that we installed. The SONOS system integrated with Brilliant so they can control their audio from the Brilliant screens around the house.

This home was filled with big screens. 85" in the main room, 65" in the den, and 85" in the master bedroom. We installed 2/3 of those TVs and helped get everything hardwired into the network and the audio system.

The entire home is compatible with Apple HomeKit, so that the client can control and automate everything using their Apple devices. We installed 2 Ecobee Smart Thermostats, 3 Aqara Video Doorbells, 2 Aqara Smart Locks, and 2 Aqara Smart Sensors to round out the smart home of our client's dreams. We even installed a cell booster on their roof to improve the cell signal!

All this equipment was installed in a slide-out rack that nested in their closet wall. We installed a TrippLite UPS that can power the system for a few minutes during a power outage, before the main generator kicks in. We also installed a sleek light strip behind the rack that's motion-activated for easy servicing.

Overall an exciting project that got our creative juices flowing like never before. Not to mention a happy client in their new home!


- Brilliant and Philips Hue Lighting Design, Installation, and Configuration
- Unifi Network Installation
- SONOS Wired Audio System
- TV Mounting 65" - 85"
- Complete Smart Home Design and Installation
- Cell Booster Install
- LED Strip Install

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