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A Clean Installation

Klipsch + Yamaha + Sony = Good Time

After moving into their new home, our client knew they wanted to do a media room / theater in their house. The challenge was simple: the house was already built! The client also knew they didn't want any giant tower speakers - they wanted the room to look clean and crisp after the installation. We said "no problem".

First order of business was re-configuring the network, smart home, and multi-room music systems that existed in the home prior to the client's move-in, so they could immediately use their systems when they moved in.

Then we went for the theater room. He had an existing 70" Sony TV and a specific media console that he wanted to use, plus he preferred to use speakers that were unobtrusive. We started by running 16/2 wire from the closet in the room to the various speaker locations throughout the room. Luckily there was an attic directly above the room, so running the wire was less of a challenge than other retrofit jobs we have done. Still, the shear wall construction of the room meant that there was thick plywood behind each wall in the room, plus a spider web of framing behind the wall, making the drops challenging. We finished the runs by running an in-wall-rated, active HDMI cable plus a IR repeater cable to enable control of the system even with the closet door closed.

Once we got the wires in place, we installed the equipment. For speakers, we went with Professional Series Reference In-Wall speakers from Klipsch for a good match of quality, price, and aesthetics. We also picked up a Klipsch R-8SW subwoofer to deliver some clean bass to the small room.

Powering the system is a beautiful Yamaha RX-A4A out of their flagship AVENTAGE series, which is a 7.2 receiver with all the latest specs and features. We went with Yamaha not only because of their rock solid receivers but also to utilize their MusicCast multi-room music system, which already existed in the home. That way, the client can play music in multiple rooms in their home, including their home theater, all from their phone.

Finally, we mounted the TV, tuned out the speakers, and programmed the remote. Overall a really fun home theater project and it was hard to stop "testing" and let the client enjoy!

Services provided:

- Network Reset and Transfer

- Smart Home Device Setup

- Multi-Room Music Setup

- Custom Home Theater Design, Install, and Tune

- Retrofit Low-Voltage Wiring

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