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Outdoor Movie Night, Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Audio
TV Audio Distribution
Outdoor Video
Smart Outdoor Lighting

Creating ambience in your outdoor space starts with the right technology. A reliable sound system, an outdoor movie setup, and good accent lighting can create the perfect mood for a summer night. From movie nights to pool parties, we can help make your outdoor space the place to be.

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Outdoor Audio

Arguably the most important aspect of any outdoor gathering is good music. Our audio solutions are flexible to match the needs of your space, so you can enjoy your favorite songs even if you don’t have existing outdoor speakers. We always prioritize phone-based control, so you can use the same apps that you know and love to play music in your outdoor space.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions

Some people assume that you can’t have Wi-Fi outside, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have experience with both wired and wireless delivery of Wi-Fi over long distances, such as to separated buildings or docks. Whether you have a barn, ADU, large backyard, dock, or other challenging space you want to deliver Wi-Fi to, we have multiple solutions that can deliver a Wi-Fi signal to those hard-to-reach places.

Lake Dock, Outdoor Wi-Fi

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Instantly set the mood for your party with customizable lighting from the back of your house to the back of your yard. Whether you're looking for simple, solar-powered lights, or the latest in-ground accent lights, we're the partner you've been looking for. We can even program your house to “welcome” you home with motion activated lights that synchronize with the lights in your home.


Outdoor Video

An outdoor movie night is a great way to get the family together an enjoy the outdoors on a cool summer night. We can help create a permanent or temporary viewing area to enjoy movies, sports, and even gaming out in your backyard.

Netflix Outside, Outdoor Movie Night

TV Audio Distribution

Watching the game in the living room but you have to stay outside at the grill? No problem. We can implement solutions to deliver that same TV audio out to your outdoor space so you don’t miss a thing. The same audio system that delivers your favorite music can also deliver your favorite team’s game to the outdoors.


Contact us today to see how we could elevate your outdoor space to the next level.

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