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The only perfect room is the one you love to use. We specialize in delivering entertainment centers, which ranges from home theaters to multimedia game rooms and everything in between. Whether you have a dedicated theater room or a mixed-use room, we can create a spectacular viewing experience for you and your guests.

Entertainment Center: Services

Home Theaters

Not many technological systems beat the elegance of a beautifully designed home theater. Our theaters focus on efficiency and simplicity, delivering an impressive viewing experience tailored to your needs. Whether you have a space you want to retrofit or need to design from scratch, we’re your partner from day 1. We design and install all elements of a home theater, including motorized projectors and screens, customized lighting, and much more to deliver that “wow” factor whenever you enter the space.

Media Rooms

More and more, the trend in home entertainment center design is to create a multi-purpose space that everyone in the family can enjoy. Our multimedia setups are perfect for transforming an otherwise unused room into the ultimate hangout space. We install gaming systems, compact theater systems, streaming/podcast setups, virtual reality, simulators, and so much more. Let’s imagine the perfect space together and create something that you and your family will use for years to come.

Speaker Systems, Surround Sound

Speakers and Audio Systems

Almost as important as the visuals, a good sound system can change a space from a “TV room” to a “home theater.” For those looking for an advanced sound system with 5 or more channels, we can help create that audiophile-level sound system with uncompromised quality. For those looking for a simple soundbar to improve on their TV speakers, we can pick out the perfect soundbar at the right price that fits beautifully into your space.

Universal Remotes

Gone are the days of 6 remotes stored in a bucket just to watch TV. Universal remotes that control every device in your space are easier to use than ever, with programmable functions that make sense. Simply click “Watch TV” to have everything turn on and operate with one remote. Take back control of your entertainment room with a master remote.


Contact us today to see all the ways we could create the entertainment center of your dreams.

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