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Remodel with TV and speakers by Elevate

Home Remodelers

A transformation unlike any other

Image by Dan Gold

We help deliver a complete solution

Technology is involved in almost every remodel nowadays, and most contracts stop once the building materials are done. We can help deliver a complete solution by outfitting your client’s space with the right technology, taking the remodel to the next level.

The last thing your clients want to do is reconnect and troubleshoot all the TVs and other devices they had connected previously. We can help make sure that when the remodel is complete, the client can easily use their new space without missing a beat.

Frame TV for Custom Builders

Projects Big and Small

Sometimes, all you need is someone to put a TV system in a single room, and many AV integrators aren’t interested. With Elevate, no matter what project you have, we’re happy to help. We do everything from simply mounting a TV on the wall to pre-wiring an entire home for the latest home automation and lifestyle technologies.

Remodeling with Elevate Technologies

An Adaptable Partner

Every remodel comes with its surprises. Since our designers and installers are the same people, we can easily and quickly adapt to any unforeseen obstacles that arise, creating a robust solution for every home. No confusing red tape or approvals from managers: we can make the changes on-site with you and your team.

Why Us?

Tailored Partnership

As a small business, we are uniquely adaptable to match the needs of any client or partner. We can mold our processes to coordinate with the design/build process that you prefer.

Clean Installation

Cable management is an art. It showcases the professionalism of an AV integrator and gives confidence to the client that we care about each cable in the home. We make sure all cables are installed to code, bundled well, and protected from damage as the home completes construction.

Direct Communication

We don’t have corporate red tape or confusing chains of command – your design and installation team are the same. This significantly reduces communication issues, resulting in a much more efficient project for you and your clients.

Certified, Trained Installers

We have received the Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) certification by the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), and listed as a Ring Authorized Partner. We have also completed training from industry experts across the country, so you know that the technology will be installed properly the first time.

Local Small Business

Elevate was created out of a passion for tech and a desire to serve the local community. We love helping the people of Charleston enjoy new technology in their home. We are proud to be a local business serving our neighbors.

Passion and Care

We love doing this, and it shows. We began Elevate Technologies to “create experiences that make people happy.” Getting new tech is like Christmas morning, and we make sure our clients are just as excited about the devices as we are.



Low Voltage Wiring

We perform pre-wiring, structured cabling, termination, trim-out, and other low-voltage work.

Network Installation, Pre-Wire, WAP

Network, A/V, and Control

We install all cables and devices for a complete wired or wireless smart home system.

Smart Security, Charleston SC Home Security

Security & Surveillance

We can install security systems and cameras from the pre-wire to the final device setup.

Custom Entertainment Room

Custom Rooms

Home theaters, golf simulators, home offices, video game rooms, servers, and much more; we provide everything from cables to the final tuning.

Elevate Technologies, Mountain Background

Interested in having a reliable vendor? We can’t wait to work with you.

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