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Blue-Sky Ideas

No matter what project you have, we can help bring technology into your life. From virtual reality to custom computers to totally unique ideas, there’s a solution out there for everyone. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Custom Simulators

Nothing can immerse you in a virtual experience quite like a well-built, well-designed simulator. With our background in the amusement industry, we are uniquely equipped to design and install these unique systems. As one of the only providers for these systems in the area, we are your go-to provider for high quality, custom simulators. Whether it's for golf, racing, or flight, look no further than Elevate.

Custom PCs

Few devices match the raw performance of a custom-built PC. For video editors, gamers, streamers, and other power users, a custom-built PC is a must. Take the risk and stress out of building or buying a powerful computer and let us customize the PC to match your needs. We won’t skimp on parts like most pre-built PCs, while providing an affordable alternative to building things on your own.

Charleston SC Custom PC, Custom Computers
Virtual Reality, Charleston SC VR

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality experiences improve every year, and they can deliver that next-level immersion like no other experience. Our team has experience designing virtual reality systems for amusement rides around the world, so we are more qualified than any provider to select, install, and train you on your new VR area. We set up your room for virtual reality, procure a PC capable of running your experience, and tune the system to work seamlessly the first time.

Unique Projects

With our flexibility and expertise as a boutique technology provider, we are well-equipped to tackle any unique project that you have. With our background in the amusement industry, we are used to taking a blue-sky approach to any problem that comes our way. From system-to-system compatibility to finding creative solutions to tough problems, Elevate is your go-to for that crazy idea.

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Let's create something special together.

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