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Podcasting Setups
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As one of the only technology providers in the area for content creators, Elevate is your go-to partner for your setup. We can help you get your content onto the web with setups that work as hard as you do. Transform your current space into an elegant digital content creation studio for live-streaming, podcasting, and much more. For those building a new space, we can design your setup from the ground up so every element of your studio is tailored to your content.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming and broadcasting your content to the web has never been easier. We specialize in creating systems with reliable, easy-to-use technology that allows you to focus on creating content instead of troubleshooting tech issues. We provide cameras, microphones, lighting, cable management, sound-proofing, green screens, and other equipment for your streaming setup, integrating everything together into a cohesive machine. We can even advise on software, backdrops, and streaming platforms.


More and more creators are switching to or adding podcasts to their portfolio of content, following the surge in popularity of podcasts. We can help you create the podcast studio of your dreams, or help you with the basics if you’re just starting out. We can even add a live video feed to your podcast so listeners can immerse themselves in your content. We supply everything from microphones to sound-proofing to cable management.

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Full Service Studio

No matter what content you create, we can help deliver that quality video and sound that viewers expect from experienced channels. Whether you’re making vlogs, recording how-to videos, or doing voice-overs, a robust setup can make a huge difference in the number of followers to your content. Allow us to boost your setup so you can focus on what makes your channel special.


Contact us today to get your content looking great and sounding better than ever.

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